Well, as mentioned in the last post, some lame XSS I found just went public.

For those wanting to jump straight to the point:

I am a firm believer in the philosophy of “disclose as you please”, for the vulnerabilities above, I decided to attempt and be as ethical as possible and tried to disclose them responsibly.

That attempt failed.

Apparently what a researcher thinks is going to happen and what actually happens not always matches. Actually, almost never does in my experience.

I used openbugbounty because, in all honestly, I have no desire in time juggling myself through finding security contacts, emailing and explaining things, so if I can just break things, and have the rest happen auto-magically, so be it… or to put it differently, I’m a lazy bum and I just don’t give a flying fu*k (hell, it’s my blog, why do I censure myself, fuck, I meant FUCK - sorry kids).

Well long story short: those vulnerabilities are still unpatched to this day and I am kind of bored, so… blogpost.

If anyone from @InfoAtac, @BusCotral or @romamobilita happens to read this blog post, maybe, just maybe, fix them? I’m sure your users would appreciate it. Also, consider using a security.txt, or making it easier to find security contacts.

By the way, public disclosures are a free as in beer service, however, rewards are still appreciated :).

Until next time, pop alerts.