For the few souls that ever followed my blog: I finally migrated. There was no real reason to keep a wordpress blog, as I really never used any features from Wordpress.

I migrated to Github pages, because… free hosting, and custom domains. Seemed nice enough to me, also for some reason I ended up using Hugo, over Jekyll. I could never get Jekyll to run even thought the setup is actually almsot the same as Hugo’s.

Truth is, deep inside my brain there is a gopher lurking.

Well, this was only a first post, I do not really have anything else to share. As always I end up writing once or less a year.

Hopefully having migrated to github pages will push me to write more.

Before fading to radio silence again, I will leave you with a question that has been hunting me lately. Do people really read reports from openbugbounty, I reported several XSS issues since December, and they haven’t been fixed yet, nothing exciting, just the usual suspect: "><script>alert(1)</script>.

In a few days the reports are going to be disclosed…

Until then, cheers!